Stories that Sell Vol 1

10 stories that influence that you can use to in your next presentation
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Volume 1 of the series, "Stories that Sell".  

Stories are a great way to "close" without coming off as pushy.  Having the right story for the right situation can the difference between making the sale and losing the sale.

When you use story correctly, the sale will happen almost naturally.  Over the years, we have gathered a database of stories that we use in our presentations to close the sale.  

Now you can own them and use them for yourself.

  • 1 Farmer Story
  • 2 Airport Story
  • 3 Zebra Story
  • 4 Values Story
  • 5 Resources Story
  • 6 One Wish Story
  • 7 Loved One Story
  • 8 Las Vegas Story
  • 9 Foundation Story
  • 10 Fernando Story
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